Lady Summoner Yuna Braska (summon_magyic) wrote in panamagi,
Lady Summoner Yuna Braska

Yuna Braska ~ Summoner

It was that annoying pain again... the kind you get when you sleep the wrong way on a hard surface. She placed her hand of the hard ground and moved it about til she bumped into her staff, taking it into her hand. Yuna took a deep breath-- "The air... why is it so..."

"... heavy?" Her eyes were wide open now, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. The buildings... they seemed to grow and reach the skies! But... this was now Spira... or... Dear Yevon! Has Sin taken hold of her beloved world and destroyed it in a single night!? She scrambled up, ignoring the pain at the small of her back. "This place is so... dead and lifeless. And there is so many Unsent here..." 

Realization was set into motion. This Red Death was not her home... How will the pilragmine continue?! She shook her head as she paced a bit, "I shouldn't worry... there are other summoners. But... what of my friends? We had just started our quest to defeat Sin... and here I am. Lost and confused."

"No matter. With the situation at hand... it's best to move on forward!" Now... it's time to explore this area, and what better when then taking the skies with her summon Valfor! She began her summoning dance, praying to Yevon that at least her aeons would appear is this desolate place...

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