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Lina Inverse: Sorceress

Lina’s eyelids were slow to open. Her head was pounding and her mouth tasted bad. It was like that time Naga had gotten her drunk and she’d woken up with a hangover. The light was mercifully low when she did manage to crack her eyes open a fraction.

It was very red. Odd.

She brought her gloved hand to her aching head, pushing back her hair a little, and sat up. A slow look at her surroundings only sufficed to baffle her further. Lina closed her eyes again, rubbing her temples and trying to remember what had happened.

Phibrizo. Gourry. Gigaslave. Gigaslave!

Her eyes snapped open wide and she took another frantic look at her surroundings. It was a city, but it didn’t look like Sairrag. It was taller, the buildings climbing well into the sky for tens of stories, but it was equally desolate. As far as Lina could tell, there didn’t even seem to be any plant life.

Lina shivered, hugging her arms around herself, her headache forgotten. Everything was bathed in an eerie, red light. The buildings around her were too tall for her to even see the source of the strange light. Was it the sun? Or some lingering affect of the Gigaslave.

The Gigaslave...

Lina bit her lip hard, shaking so badly as she stood that she almost couldn’t keep her balance. She’d destroyed the world. She must have. But why was she alive? Some divine punishment? To wander a dead planet as the only person left alive to see what horror she’d unleashed?

She closed her eyes tightly, and fought back her tears. She really didn’t have any right to cry. She’d known this was probably going to happen. She deserved this punishment.
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